About the Journal of Deliberative Democracy

The Journal of Deliberative Democracy (formerly the Journal of Public Deliberation) is an open access journal publishing articles that shape the course of scholarship on deliberative democracy. It is the forum for the latest thinking, emerging debates, alternative perspectives, as well as critical views on deliberation. The journal welcomes submissions from all theoretical and methodological traditions. It aims to be the platform to broker knowledge between scholars and practitioners of citizen engagement. 

The journal is supported by the newDemocracy Foundation, the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and the International Association for Public Participation. It is hosted at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra, Australia.

Latest News Posts
New Collection - Climate Change and Deliberative Democracy
Posted by Philippa Grand on 2023-09-19

The Journal of Deliberative Democracy has published a new Collection on climate change, curated by Dr John Rountree.Gathering together articles from across the journal's 18 year history, topics covered include the role of deliberative practitioners, citizens' juries and wind farms, and Brazilian media coverage of COP15. As Dr Rountree notes in his introduction to the Collection, "climate [...]

Announcing the New Editorial Team: Our Vision for the Journal of Deliberative Democracy
Posted by Hans Asenbaum, Sonia Bussu, Hannah Werner and Lucy Parry on 2023-06-19

In May 2023 a new team was appointed to edit the journal - Hans Asenbaum (University of Canberra, Australia) has a focus on theory; Sonia Bussu (INLOGOV, University of Birmingham, UK) has a particular interest in qualitative research; Hannah Werner (University of Zurich, Switzerland) will focus on quantitative research; and Lucy Parry (University of Canberra, Australia) will have responsibility [...]

New Collection - Deliberation Amid Deep Conflict
Posted by Philippa Grand on 2022-12-01

The Journal of Deliberative Democracy has published a new thematic collection on the theme of 'deliberation amid deep conflict'. Societies marked by deep divisions post challenges for deliberation. They may have entrenched interests, power inequities and a history of ill-will and misconceptions - yet deliberation also potentially transforms intergroup conflict and promotes reconciliation, mutual [...]

New Collection - Youth Deliberation in the Community
Posted by Philippa Grand on 2022-10-17

To coincide with this year's Festival of Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy, hosted by the European Commission, the Journal of Deliberative Democracy has published a new Collection of articles from across the journal. The theme of this year's Festival is youth participation and Guest Editor, John Rountree, has selected six articles on the theme of youth deliberation in the [...]

Call for Editors - Journal of Deliberative Democracy
Posted by Philippa Grand on 2022-09-26

Call for New EditorsThe Journal of Deliberative Democracy is pleased to invite expressions of interest for the editorship of the journal. The new editorial team is expected to serve from April 2023 to April 2026. Multi-institutional and multi-country bids are encouraged but not required.Established in 2005 (originally as the Journal of Public Deliberation) the journal is a forum for the latest [...]