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Reading: Creating Democratic Surplus through Citizens’ Assemblies


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Creating Democratic Surplus through Citizens’ Assemblies


Lyn Carson

University of Sydney, AU
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This paper, originally a presentation to the Sydney Democracy Forum, discusses how the current democratic deficit could be converted to a democratic surplus. In particular, attention is focused on an ambitious project which has recently commenced in Australia which will culminate in a grassroots citizens’ assembly. One hundred and fifty Australians will be randomly selected from each electorate and will participate in a range of deliberative environments (online and face-to-face), culminating in a four-day citizens’ parliament in Sydney. The project is jointly funded by an Australian Research Council-Linkage grant and a not-for-profit organisation, newDemocracy. During the entire process, typical Australians will consider ways in which Australia’s political system could be strengthened to better represent the will of the people.

How to Cite: Carson, L. (2007). Creating Democratic Surplus through Citizens’ Assemblies. Journal of Public Deliberation, 4(1), 5. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2007.


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