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Reading: Collective Interview on the History of Town Meetings


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Research Article

Collective Interview on the History of Town Meetings


Frank Bryan ,

University of Vermont, US
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William Keith,

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US
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James Kloppenberg,

Harvard University, US
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Jane Mansbridge,

Harvard University, US
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Michael Morrell,

University of Connecticut, US
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Graham Smith

University of Southampton, GB
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As illustrated in the introduction, the special issue ends with a ‘collective interview’ to some distinguished scholars that have given an important contribution to the study of New England Town Meetings. The collective interview has been realized by submitting three questions to our interviewees, who responded individually in written. The text of the answers has not been edited, if not minimally. However, the editors have broken up longer individual answers in shorter parts. These have been subsequently rearranged in an effort to provide, as much as possible, a fluid structure and a degree of interaction among the different perspectives provided by our interviewees on similar issues. The final version of this interview has been edited and approved by all interviewees.

How to Cite: Bryan, F., Keith, W., Kloppenberg, J., Mansbridge, J., Morrell, M., & Smith, G. (2019). Collective Interview on the History of Town Meetings. Journal of Public Deliberation, 15(2), 8. DOI:
Published on 11 Dec 2019.
Peer Reviewed


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