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Reading: Me on the Map: A Case Study of Interactive Theatre and Public Participation


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Reflections from the Field

Me on the Map: A Case Study of Interactive Theatre and Public Participation


Stephen Williams ,

University of British Columbia, CA
About Stephen

Steve Williams is a PhD candidate in Resources, Management and Environment at the University of British Columbia where he is a Liu Institute for Global Issues Scholar and a UBC Public Scholar. He is researching the societal impacts of participatory processes focusing on the Alberta Energy Futures Lab. He holds a BA in Political Science from University of Western Ontario, an MBA in Management of Technology from Simon Fraser University, and a Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation from the University of Waterloo.

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Jan Derbyshire,

POD, Citizen Design, CA
About Jan
Jan Derbyshire is a freelance Theatre Maker and Co-Founder of POD, Citizen Design.
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Adrienne Wong


Me on the Map (MOTM) is a unique participatory show for classroom-sized groups of young people aged 6-15. Initially developed and produced by Neworld Theatre in Vancouver, through a commission from the Vancouver International Children’s Festival, MOTM challenges participants to collectively solve the problem of how to best develop an actual lot of land that sits empty in their city. The MOTM experience guides participants through co-design activities that start in the classroom. The choice students make provide data that forms the foundation for the decisions made during the performance. This paper details the theoretical background of the show including participatory theatre, inclusive design, urban happiness studies and ethical decision making. We present lessons learned and make recommendations for public deliberation practitioners on using this technique in future projects.

How to Cite: Williams, S., Derbyshire, J., & Wong, A. (2018). Me on the Map: A Case Study of Interactive Theatre and Public Participation. Journal of Public Deliberation, 14(1), 8. DOI:
Published on 03 Jun 2018.


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