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Reading: A Conversation with Jane J. Mansbridge and Martha McCoy


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Processes and Institutions

A Conversation with Jane J. Mansbridge and Martha McCoy


Carolyne Abdullah ,

Christopher F. Karpowitz,

Brigham Young University, US
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Chad Raphael

Santa Clara University, US
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Jane J. Mansbridge, Charles F. Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, and Martha McCoy, Executive Director of Everyday Democracy, discuss deliberative equity and equality in theory and practice. They identify potential tensions and trade-offs between the two values and between these values and other deliberative aims. They discuss how practitioners have attempted to promote equal and equitable deliberative processes and the challenges of measuring these concepts in deliberative settings. Their conversation provides insights into best practices for enabling marginalized groups to engage in deliberation and the persistent challenges that remain. Together, Mansbridge and McCoy outline opportunities for future theoretical and empirical progress in better understanding and ultimately building effective deliberative groups, institutions, and systems.

How to Cite: Abdullah, C., Karpowitz, C. F., & Raphael, C. (2016). A Conversation with Jane J. Mansbridge and Martha McCoy. Journal of Public Deliberation, 12(2), 5. DOI:
Published on 13 Oct 2016.


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