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Reading: Beyond Deliberation: A Strategy for Civic Renewal


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Beyond Deliberation: A Strategy for Civic Renewal


Peter Levine

University of Maryland, US
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To expand opportunities for discussion and reflection about public issues, we should look beyond the organizations that intentionally convene deliberations and also enlist organizations that preserve common resources, volunteer service groups, civics classes, grassroots public media efforts, and partisan, ideological, and faith-based movements that have some interest in discussion. Many of these groups are not politically neutral; more are adversarial. But they have a common interest in confronting the forces and decisions that have sidelined active citizens in countries like the US. They are all threatened by the rising signs of oligarchy in the United States. Collectively, they have considerable resources with which to fight back. It is time for us to begin to stir and organize--not for deliberation, but for democracy.

How to Cite: Levine, P. (2014). Beyond Deliberation: A Strategy for Civic Renewal. Journal of Public Deliberation, 10(1), 19. DOI:
Published on 01 Jul 2014.


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