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Reading: In Search of Deliberative Democracy in China


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In Search of Deliberative Democracy in China


Wei Zhou

Political Education Division, Changsha Medical University, CN
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In democratic countries, deliberative democracy is proposed to rectify problems of liberal democracy. This paper explores deliberative democracy in China, conventionally regarded as an authoritarian country. After examining some deliberative practices and institutions in China and its more democratic public sphere, a conclusion is drawn that despite problems such as flawed institutional design and state domination, an immature deliberative democracy exists in China. The prospect of deliberative democracy in China is optimistically predicted, based on the public’s strong democratic consciousness, the government’s interest in democratic reform and the relatively moderate practices of deliberative democracy.

How to Cite: Zhou, W. (2012). In Search of Deliberative Democracy in China. Journal of Public Deliberation, 8(1), 8. DOI:
Published on 16 Apr 2012.


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